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Our team of data scientists has been working together in financial markets for sixteen years. Both draw upon a broad experience from years spent providing pattern recognition and risk management services to institutional investors, designing and managing a portfolio of algorithmic trading systems for futures markets, and years of providing data-driven analysis on financial markets.


Data science has seen tremendous growth in a wide range of industries, but many financial services firms remain bogged down in spreadsheets full of tabular data. For the past several years, Ben and Pete have worked to find new ways of measuring and predicting the performance of financial markets and the economy. They take great pride in offering exciting new data sources and methods to their clients.


Ben and Pete provide daily commentary and data-driven analysis for institutional clients of Arbor Research & Trading. Their work is frequently featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, and more.








Data Scientist


Ben is well-known for his coverage of central bank policies, inflation and broad macroeconomic themes. He has run the gamut of analysis from producing algorithmic trading strategies to getting deep into the minds of consumers using search trends and social media. Ben earned a Bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.




Data Scientist


Pete casts a wide net, producing analysis on sovereigns, credit, energy, emerging markets, commodities, fund flows and more. He often looks to bridge the gap between our unique approach to macro analysis and executable ideas. Pete earned a Bachelors degree in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Masters of Science in Data Science from Northwestern University.