Inflation Roundup – Outlook for Rents Heating Up


    • Total Returns
    • Seasonality Analysis – Peak in Widening Cycle
    • The Fed’s Passivity Key to Forecasting an Eventual Taper
    • Reasons for optimism inflation will rise:
      • Inflation Leading Economic Data Release Momentum
      • Commodity Rally Keeps Chugging Along
      • Investors Questioning the Fed’s Transitory Mantra
      • Inflation Taking the Baton From Fed Policy as Driver of Yields?
      • Flexible and Sticky CPI Components Suddenly Positively Correlated
      • Delivery Times Sky-Rocket, Hinting at Supply Constraints Producing Inflation
      • OER Expected to Rebound Supported by Hefty Search Activity
    • Reasons for caution:
      • 10-year Inflation Expectations Across the Globe Reach an Extreme
      • TIPS Breakevens Reach Levels Where Risk Assets Suggest They Should Reside
      • Investors Slow Flows Into Inflation Expectations
      • Fed a Dominant Force Within TIPS Market

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