Inflation Roundup: Rent-Related Searches are Heating Up


    • Total Returns
    • Nominal Yields Detach From Inflation Expectations
    • Reasons for optimism inflation will rise:
      • U.S. Consumers See Inflation (search activity)
      • Investors Committed to Inflation-Friendly Assets
      • Leading Economic Indicators About to Confirm a Global Revival
      • Investors Looking to Pre-1995 Relationship Between
        Global Growth and Inflation
      • Commodities Have Recovered, but Enthusiasm is Waning
      • Investors Warming up to Headline CPI Above 2.5% YOY
      • Rent-Related Search Activity Becomes Favorable for OER
    • Reasons for caution:
      • TIPS Breakevens at Levels Risk Assets Suggest
        They Should Reside
      • Fed a Dominant Force Within TIPS Market
      • Fed Purchases Distorting TIPS Breakevens
      • 10y Inflation Expectations Across the Globe Reach Extremes

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