Gold – Shining Brightly

November 8, 2023  |  Petr Pinkhasov

Gold, the shiny metal that's been treasured for ages, has a history as rich as its gleam. It's not just about its sparkle; gold has been a symbol of wealth and beauty since ancient...

Labor Market

The Age of Labor

November 8, 2023  |  Kylie Leverenz

The chart below illustrates the change in labor force participation by age group. The overall participation rate remained negative in October at -0.95%.


The Other Commodities

November 7, 2023  |  Sam Rines

When thinking about the commodity complex, it is reasonable to distill it into the "oil and gold" mentality. After all, those are the ones that get most of the attention and are...


State of the Auto Industry in Charts

November 7, 2023  |  Kylie Leverenz

The two charts below illustrate new and used car affordability by state for the period October 2022 - September 2023, according to a study by iSeeCars.

Sample Daily Data Points

Little Change in Back to Work

November 6, 2023  |  Ryan Klister

Looking at Kastle's Back to Work Barometer, commercial real estate occupancy remained relatively unchanged in October with the national average for commercial property occupancy at...