Food and Inflation

Inflation can be a bit of an esoteric concept. There are the oddities of calculating shelter, and it being nearly completely disconnected from housing prices. There are “trimmed-mean” indices that remove highly volatile components in an attempt to find a true underlying inflationary trend. Not to mention, “core” CPI that strips out food and energy costs. 

Stat of the Day – April 6, 2022

U.S. Travel searches have slowly began to pick up over the past few weeks even as inflation continues to run hot, fueled especially by higher energy costs.

Stat of the Day – April 5, 2022

The end of last year saw a brief reprieve for would-be home buyers, but thus far, 2022 has pushed us deeper into the seller’s market. Nationally, the average ratio of home sale price to list increased to 101.3% in February according to Redfin data.

Bitcoin, Gold, and Somewhere to Hide

There is always a search for “somewhere to hide”. And this market is no different. With elevated (and persistent) inflation pressures alongside the war in Ukraine (and the threat of escalation to a NATO member), the environment appeared to be tailormade for a radical outperformance from gold and bitcoin.