Professional Athletes Paid in Crypto

March 8, 2024  |  Gus Handler

When we last covered Athletes and Crypto in July 2022, cryptocurrency earnings for Klay Thompson, Cade Cunningham, Odell Beckham Jr., and Shohei Ohtani were negative. 


Not Moving

March 7, 2024  |  Sam Rines

Over the past 50 or more years, there has been an intriguing trend - fewer people moving. That is moving anywhere. From down the road to across the country, there is simply less...


The Average Age of Passenger Cars Hits a New High

March 6, 2024  |  Kristen Radosh

The Average Age of Passenger Cars (public transportation vehicles) has continued to trend higher, as shown in the chart below, reaching 13.6 years in 2023.

Central Banks

Regional Banks Back in the Spotlight

March 6, 2024  |  Kylie Leverenz

New York Community Bank (NYCB) shares have declined approximately 70% in 2024, to $2.85 on 3/5/24.


Consumer Debt Continues to Climb Higher

March 5, 2024  |  Kylie Leverenz

Total Outstanding U.S. Household Debt and Credit increased $212 billion from $17.29 trillion in Q3 2023 to $17.50 trillion in Q4 2023.


Wings and Things

March 5, 2024  |  Sam Rines

Aside from oil, there are few commodities that have attracted as much attention as the various chicken products. The most prominent of which is eggs.


Excess Savings Continue to Trend Lower

March 4, 2024  |  Kristen Radosh

The dark blue line begins in 2020 and depicts pandemic-era excess savings in the U.S. economy which emerged as a result of pandemic-related fiscal stimulus combined with lower...