Sample Daily Data Points

Are U.S. Small Businesses Starting to Crack?

May 11, 2023  |  Phil Pittsford

For 16 consecutive months, the National Federation of Independent Business's (NFIB) optimism index has been below the 49-year average of 98. From March to April, the index fell 1.1...


Oil – Why the Grade Matters

May 9, 2023  |  Sam Rines

There are few - if any - commodities quite as sensitive to global economic growth conditions than crude oil. It is relatively "liquid" with futures and physical trading plentifully...

Labor Market

Hot Jobs Data Refuels Inflation Fears

May 8, 2023  |  Eric Edison

Friday’s labor data was hot. Unemployment ticked down, payrolls grew, and hourly earnings accelerated, causing investors to rethink the relationship between failing banks and a...

Sample Daily Data Points

US Debt Ceiling Battle Presents Opportunity

May 8, 2023  |  Anthony Rizzo

Since Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in the last election cycle, a battle over the debt ceiling has been on the horizon. Republicans seem keen to curtail...