Inflation Roundup – September 15, 2022

CPI came in hotter than expected causing markets to tumble. Long-term inflation expectations held constant with most investors still holding the belief that the Fed will be able to get inflation back to their long-run goal of 2%.

Investor Flows – Risk Rallies Ahead of August CPI

Government bond funds made the biggest flow gains last week surging to 44.2% of one-month positive flows. Aggregate bond funds have also had decent flows at 18.2%. Broad and Large/Mid-cap equity funds, conversely, fell to 32%. 

Commodities Update – September 12, 2022

Commodities edged slightly downward last week with gains mostly concentrated within the metals sector. Nickel, which had the biggest gain last week, pushed forward 11.63% as increased demand for the metal strained producers. Wheat also had a successful week gaining 8.81% due, in part, to increased uncertainty about Russia’s restrictions on Ukrainian grain shipments as the conflict continues. Natural gas was the week’s biggest loser, down over 14%, as US natural gas production hit a 9-month high.